Ensuring the safety of you and your child is of top priority at Seafield Swimmers. Please ensure the following conditions are adhered to at all times.


• Once swimmers are in the pool area, they are under the authority of the instructor.
• Ensure children wearing creams are showered prior to swimming.
• Bring towel to the pool side.
• Long hair must be tied back, preferably use a swim hat.
• Persuade children not to wear baggy shorts.
• Children must not enter the pool until they are told to do so.
• Ask your child to listen carefully to the instructor.
• Explain that bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Ensure children visit the toilet prior to entering the pool. Babies must wear a swim nappy.
• Please do not over use the showers.
• Only use the changing rooms to dry off.
• Please make sure that you arrive for your lesson on time.


• Please keep conversation volume low.
• Do not distract the swimmers lesson.
• Tidy up toys when they have been used.
• Keep the entrances to the pool, changing room and exit clutter free.
• Do not enter the pool area unless you are swimming with your child.
• All sibling spectators must remain behind the gate in the waiting area.

No filming or photography allowed other than that which may be requested and undertaken by the parents of the child concerned. Consent from all concerned is recommended.

No responsibility is taken by Seafield Swimmers for any individual or vehicles entering or exiting Seafield Lodge. Please ensure the safety of your child. Children are not to be left unsupervised or allowed in the garden, without prior agreement.


It is not advisable for you or your child to swim if you or they have any illness such as a chest infection, ear infections, sickness/diarrhoea, asthma or a cold (first days of the cold).

It is best if symptoms have cleared at least 48 hours prior to swimming. If you are concerned about any medical condition, we ask that you always check with your GP before swimming.



Our swim doctor will answers any relevant medical questions or concerns you have.

Email questions to Seafield Swimmers and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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